Play and Sing – Lovely Day

Lovely day

Originally written by Bill Withers and Skip Scarborough, this song became a firm favourite of OrchLab participants earlier in 2020, when we visited St Cecilia’s and Garwood Foundation.

Lovely Day

Join Kate (violin), Alice (oboe), Anne (trumpet), Dave (trombone) and Tom (double bass) and play and sing along!  The words are included in the video below.

Playing along 

  • If you have instruments with notes on, like chime bars or xylophones, choose these notes: E, G, A, B (the notes for ‘A lovely day’ are A G A B). If you don’t have them all, just choose what you have from the list!
  • If you have drums, shakers or tambourines, participants can hit or tap along in time with the song
  • If you have iPads with music apps such as ThumbJam and or GarageBand, these can be used too. Set them to the key of E major pentatonic, and support participants to choose which instrument they would like to play on the app

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