OrchMap Instrument Quizzes

If you’ve explored the OrchMap, test your instrument knowledge by taking our quizzes!  We have provided a range of quizzes on each instrument which you can access online, or if you prefer, you can download PDFs and fill out by hand, or use to test a group.  

If you’ve finished our individual instrument quizzes, or would like more of a challenge, you can also try our Quizzes based on the whole of OrchMap.

All the answers to the quiz can be found by watching the videos on the OrchMap, but we have also provided PDFs showing the answers for quick access.

OrchMap Oboe quiz

OrchMap Clarinet quiz

OrchMap Bassoon quiz

OrchMap Trumpet quiz

OrchMap Trombone quiz

OrchMap Violin quiz

OrchMap Cello quiz

OrchMap Percussion quiz

Instrument quizzes PDFs:

Instrument quiz answers PDFs: